Fertility & Preconception Care

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The family you’ve been dreaming of

The world of fertility and preconception can be tricky to navigate. Dr. Casey will guide you on a sensible path keeping your unique challenges and timeline in mind.

Preconception Care

Do you anticipate trying to get pregnant in the coming year? One branch of planned pregnancy often overlooked is the health of the mother and father leading up to conception. Let’s set you and your little one up for success.


Increasing exposure to environmental toxins, stressful lifestyles, nutritionally deplete diets, inadequate sleep and movement are all challenges to fertility. This is compounded by the fact that many couples desire children later in life.

Technologies like ICSI and and IVF are procedures to be grateful for, especially when there are physical barriers to getting pregnant or unforgiving timelines; however, these procedures do not correct the underlying reason pregnancy is not happening—they simply override it.

Dr. Casey utilizes in-depth testing and patient interview to uncover the cause of infertility which can include poor egg and sperm quality, inflammation, hormone imbalance and metabolic issues.

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