Detoxification Programs

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Are toxins bogging you down?

  • Feeling sluggish?

  • Is your immune system not as strong as it used to be?

  • Have your breakouts and other skin conditions gotten worse?

  • Experiencing joint pain?

  • Do you have allergies?

These symptoms can indicate a detox is in order.

Modern day life is T-O-X-I-C. We are exposed to harmful substances on the daily that have a knack for accumulating in our bodies and meddling in its affairs.

Let us help you get rid of the gunk!

Detox comes in many levels from clean eating to water fasting. Dr. Casey will work with you to design a custom detoxification program that optimizes your body’s elimination pathways. We will ensure your cleanse is safe and appropriate for your lifestyle, health goals and experience level.

Curious to learn more about our approach to detox and whether you are a good candidate? Call us at 960.660.7678.

Please note: If you are not already a patient of Dr. Casey’s, you will need to schedule a first office visit where together, we will determine the appropriate detoxification program.